Apple for Breakfast

I'd say it is simple yet crunchy :) I had this today for my breakfast. I made it in 10 mins max !! And, there is no cooking time. I have sent this to Divya's Show me your salad. And you can view the round up here.

Peeled and cut apple - 1 (I prefer a cold one from the fridge !!)
Whipped cream - a little generous
Honey - as you like
Chopped walnuts & sliced almonds - less than a handful

Place the cut apples in the serving bowl. Top with whipped cream, followed by honey. Garnish with walnuts - almonds and serve immediately !


  1. Thats really cute and healthy idea dear... Keep going. Very much impressed with ur recipes .....

  2. Thanks a lot for the comments !

  3. A healthy breakfast!!! Apple a day keeps the doc away!!! ;) Your lemon pickle looks very tempting... My first visit here, shall come by for more...


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